cosmetic procedures


botox cosmetic ® 

$15 / unit injection – reduces frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet.  Also used for excessive sweating in the hands, feet and underarms.

Facts about BOTOX ® Cosmetic

Try the BOTOX ® Cosmetic Treatment Visualizer to see simulated results.

juvederm ultra ®

$600 per syringe

Try the Juvaderm® Treatment Visualizer to see simulated results.

juvederm ultra plus ® 

$700 per syringe
naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid found in the skin’s dermis is injected to smoothes laugh lines, eyelid hollows, facial wrinkles and plump lips.

sculptra ®

$1,000 per vial
poly-l-lactic acid is injected to give lost volume to your face.  Facial lines, folds and wrinkles are lifted using this technique.

chemical peels

see pricing below
brings back the glow of healthy skin and minimizes hyper-pigmented areas and fine lines and wrinkles.  Ideal for pigmented, sun-damaged and acne skin types.  The therapist will recommend one of the following peels that best suits your skin type:





 superficial-medium depth peels
                         (price depends on strength and layers)


spider vein treatment

15 mins. $200,  30 mins. $300,  60 mins. $600 
uses the yag laser to treat spider veins of the face and legs

Facts about spider vein treatment
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laser hair removal

see pricing below
uses the latest fda-approved lumenis light sheer system to treat unwanted hair

What to know before your procedure
Facts about laser hair removal
Post Procedure instructions

areola $100
back (full) $800, (upper) $600, (lower) $300
beard $250
bikini $250
Brazilian $300
buttocks $250
cheeks or sideburns $200
chest – female $200
chin $200
chest – male $400
ears $100
nose $100
upper arms $150
fingers/hands $100
forearms $300
full arm $400
lip and chin $200
lower legs $300
lower abdomen – female $150,  male $300
neck – male $250
toes/feet $100
upper arms $200
upper and lower legs $500
under arms $200
upper legs $300
upper lip $125

ipl (intense pulsed light)

face $400
neck $300
face/neck $500
chest $450 
face/neck/chest $750
arms $350 
hands $250
legs (upper) $500, (lower) $500,  (total) $850
utilizes intense pulsed light to treat specific signs of aging; fine lines, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, red blotchiness and small, unwanted capillaries

Facts about IPL
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photo dynamic therapy

(pdt) - face $650
skin is treated with amino-levulanic acid, a drug that makes the skin more sensitive to light.  Sun damage, precancerous lesions and oil glands that cause acne are targeted by the drug and then using ipl, the sensitized areas are treated.  Photo rejuvenation is performed as well as reducing acne and precancerous lesions.

cosmetic consultation

no charge
our on-site board-certified facial cosmetic surgeons offer complimentary consultations to evaluate your face and give you advice for skin care techniques and procedures.