custom facial

$120 - thorough analysis of your skin and its specific needs, and then a customized facial for individual cleansing and purifying.  Rejuvenates, clarifies and tones skin.

clarifying facial

$120- designed to cleanse and calm oily skin, reduces breakouts and commodones to restore beautiful, blemish-free skin. Ideal for both teen and adult acne.

vitamin-c facial

$120 - a potent concentration of stabilized vitamin c enzymes that gently melts fine lines and restores skin's youthful elasticity.


face $175,  face/neck $225 - mild resurfacing facial that erases the dull outer layer that accumulates on skin.  Provides the most powerful skin exfoliation available and serves to balance oily secretions and irregular pigmentation, leaving skin flawlessly radiant.

lifting facial

$150 - an anti-aging facial that tones and tightens the skin by increasing the circulation of oxygen through the use of a collagen serum and electrical stimuli.


collagen mask $25
eyebrow/contouring $20
lip/chin $12
sideburns $15